Double Cleansing Ritual Box

Double Cleansing Ritual Box

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Introduce LovelyPoppy skincare essentials with my "Double Cleansing Ritual".

Give your skin a good cleanse with this cleansing care kit. Gentle on the skin, these 2 skincare products will be perfect for cleansing and soothing sensitive skin

What is Double Cleansing?

Why clean in 2 steps? Throughout the day, your skin attracts two layers of impurities. The Double Cleansing Ritual begins with an oil-based cleanser to remove the first layer, which also effectively paves the way for cleansing milk to deep clean pores. The skin is supple, plumped and ready for its care.

The magic of double cleansing begins when you massage the Bi-Phase Cleanser into your face with your hands. Proving that "like attracts like", the oil-based cleanser binds with oil-based impurities, dissolving water-resistant makeup, sebum and sunscreen.

Once the first layer of impurities are removed, the Cleansing Milk creates a creamy experience capable of drawing out the deeper layer of impurities from the pores, including sweat and grime from pollution.

This set includes 2 cosmetics:

- Bi-Phase Cleanser, Chamomile & Rose - 4 oz

- Cleansing Milk, Unscented - 8 oz

Anything that's gentle on sensitive skin is also gentle on all skin types.


Discover the advice for use on the respective product sheets:

Bi-Phase Cleanser, Chamomile & Rose - 4 oz

- Cleansing Milk, Unscented - 8 oz


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