"I make my bi-phase cleanser" kit

"I make my bi-phase cleanser" kit

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My Bi-Phase Cleanser kit

Thanks to this I make my bi-phase cleanser kit, never have damaged lips again.
A lip balm remains personal and cannot be shared, that's why I suggest you make two with this I make my bi-phase cleanser kit.

An affordable way to make up to 2 bi-phase cleansers in a 4 fl.oz bottle.
You can offer one if you wish or keep both.

Your kit contains:

- 4 fl.oz. Jojoba oil
- 4 fl.oz. Almond oil
- 2 fl.oz. Rose hydrosol
- 2 fl.oz. Calendula hydrosol
- Labels
- Recipe brochure with instructions
 Optional: 4 oz glass bottle

You will also need:

- Vitamin E
- Grapefruit Seed Extract
- TBSP, 1/8 TSP and a bowl
- Tissue or towel to clean hands

- Cotton pad (or similar) to test make-up remover


🡪 Need buy equipment? Don't panic, you can add in your cart my Starter Pack Equipment (lien Produit).

Why these ingredients?

Shea butter - Rich in fatty acid, omega 3 and vitamins A, C, E
Coconut oil - Excellent natural lubricant and moisturizer
Beeswax - Naturally rich in vitamin A, it hydrates and nourishes intensely
Vitamin E - It is an antioxidant and allows a longer conservation of vegetable oils.

This LovelyPoppy kit is a 100% natural product.

Its ethical composition is safe for the environment and for you. The LovelyPoppy cleanser is therefore an essential product for a zero waste beauty ritual.

Thanks to its durable packaging, reuse it and no longer participate in the pollution caused by the packaging of hygiene products.

To limit your waste, I suggest you reuse the small boxes of your ingredients to make your cosmetics.

Did you know? The bi-phase cleanser is a multifunction care! It can soothe small razor cuts, nourish cuticles, enhance the scent of perfume on skin and many more!

🡪 Need help making your eco-responsible bi-phase cleanser? Don't panic, you can join my live class.

🡪 Do you want to know more about LovelyPoppy Bi-Phase Cleanser (lien blog)? Go read my article entirely dedicated to this kit.

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