Marie LeMen, founder and owner of LovelyPoppy Natural Beauty LLC


Originally from France, I have always been interested in beauty products. From a young age, I used my mom's makeup for fun! I have always loved researching and learning to take care of my skin and hair. And over the years, I became more and more interested in the rituals of natural beauty.

In 2005, when my dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea, a skin condition that usually affects the face (redness, pimples, swelling, and small, dilated superficial blood vessels), I looked for ways to minimize these effects. A researcher at heart, I have studied and tested solutions to keep my sensitive skin healthy. My hobby turned into a passion and I formulated my entire skincare routine to be sustainable, highly functional and to have great skin feel.

Using my knowledge as a laboratory assistant and my introduction to aromatherapy by a French pharmacist Dr Lilian Ceballos, I formulated the LovelyPoppy skincare line to share my holisticĀ approach of beauty, more respectful of ourselves and our environment.

I believe that a lovely skin depends above all on a healthy lifestyle (hydration, diet and regular physical activity), quality sleep and good mental balance. The care that we can provide is only cosmetic ...


As a full-fledged organ with various roles, nature has carefully crafted ways to keep our undamaged skin healthy and functioning with little to no care! But, nowadays, it has to deal with many hazards (environment, hygiene, food, emotions) that may cause imbalances and skin disorders, more or less serious. As the range of skincare expands, LovelyPoppy invites you to return to more simplicity, with plants that know how to take care of our skin in depth. Our skin can tend to be dry or oily, be acne prone, be sensitive or simply mature ... so a personalized care routine is required with natural ingredients, selected according to our needs.

Like all cells in the body, those that make up our dermis require specific needs (nutrients, hydration, oxygenation, sun) to be healthy. Above all, to have lovely skin, you have to offer it a healthy body by eating and hydrating yourself according to your needs, a healthy mind by cultivating your well-being, and of course appropriate care.

To know what our skin needs, we must listen to our sensations, observe it and touch it with gentleness and respect.

To reinforce the quality of the care, it is also important to make it a moment of relaxation, realized in conscience and whose smells soothe us.