Marie LeMen, founder and owner of LovelyPoppy Natural Beauty LLC


My journey began when I was diagnosed with rosacea over fifteen years ago. Determined to find a natural solution, I turned to my background as a lab assistant and started creating my own all-natural skincare products. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion.

Driven by a desire to learn and share my knowledge, I pursued a training course in Paris on making cosmetic and hygiene products. I also studied the art of essential oils and hydrosols under the guidance of a French pharmacist and aromatherapist.

For me, true beauty goes beyond external appearances. It's about nurturing our physical and mental wellness. That's why I emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and wellness routines alongside our self-care rituals.

When naming my brand, I carefully chose "Lovely" to reflect a positive and nurturing approach to beauty and self-care. Love, both for oneself and others, is the most powerful emotion. And what better way to promote love and self-love than through our beauty practices?

"Poppy" represents the vibrant red flower that grows in disturbed soils, but without pesticides. Similarly, our skin flourishes when we provide it with a healthy environment. That's why I'm committed to natural and holistic practices, ensuring my products are gentle on both our skin and the planet.

Join me on this journey of embracing natural beauty, where we prioritize self-care, customize skincare, and celebrate the beauty that comes from within. Together, let's experience our beauty naturally!


I believe in the power of nature and the importance of a holistic approach to beauty. True beauty is not just about outward appearances, but also about nurturing our overall wellness.

I emphasize the significance of a sustainable lifestyle, incorporating wellness routines into our daily lives. Our skin is intricately connected to our physical and mental wellness, and taking care of ourselves from the inside reflects on our outer radiance.

When developing my products, I prioritize using natural, high-quality ingredients that are gentle on the skin and the environment. I draw inspiration from the vibrant red poppy, symbolizing resilience and growth in even the most challenging conditions.

LovelyPoppy Natural Beauty is more than just skincare; it's about embracing self-care routines and celebrating the beauty that comes from within. Through DIY workshops, wellness classes, and natural beauty rituals, I invite you to join me on this lovely journey of experiencing your beauty naturally. Together, let's nurture our skin, uplift our minds, and radiate a natural glow.