Marie LeMen, founder and owner of LovelyPoppy Natural Beauty LLC


Originally from France, I have always been interested in beauty products. From a young age, I used my mom's makeup for fun! I have always loved researching and learning to take care of my skin and hair. And over the years, I became more and more interested in the rituals of natural beauty.

I've been making my own skincare products for over 10 years. I started when my dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea - a skin condition that usually affects the face (redness, pimples, swelling, and small, dilated superficial blood vessels). So I looked for natural ways to minimize these effects. And not having found commercial products adapted to my sensitive skin, I used my knowledge in laboratory technique, to manufacture my own care.

A researcher at heart, I’ve studied and tested many DIY beauty recipes on myself to find my skincare journey. Self-taught at the start, I also had two opportunities to learn from professionals. I first followed a training course on the manufacture of cosmetic and hygiene products, in Paris, within the benchmark company in this field in France! Then, a French pharmacist and aromatherapist, Dr Lilian Ceballos taught me how to use essential oils and hydrosols, which are extracts of medicinal plants from steam distillation. My hobby turned into a passion and I formulated my beauty rituals and those of my loved ones, to be sustainable, highly functional and to have great skin feel.

I created LovelyPoppy Natural Beauty, to share my holistic approach to skincare. 


Like the poppy needs healthy soil to grow, lovely skin needs a healthy lifestyle to glow.

Nature has carefully designed ways to keep our skin healthy and functional with little to no care! But, nowadays, we have to deal with many hazards that can lead to imbalances and more or less serious skin disorders.

While the range of conventionnal cares is expanding, LovelyPoppy invites you to return to more simplicity, with plants that know how to take care of our sensitive skin in depth, but also of our mood. Composed, among other things, of essences, essential oils and aromatic hydrosols, extracted from the aromatic parts of medicinal plants, my skincares make beauty rituals a moment of relaxation, carried out in conscience and whose smells soothe us.

My intention is to help as many people as possible feel lovely in their own skin, even the most sensitive!