Face Elixir - A hydrating serum

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Does your skin need a hydration boost? Look no further, you will love my Face Elixir.  

What is my face elixir?

This aroma-cosmetic face care is a two-phase blend of aloe vera and vegetable oils. This elixir is able to really penetrate the skin and hydrate it deeply, thanks to aloe vera, while being suitable for vegans.

Aloe vera is a plant that has crossed the centuries, native to Africa and used since Antiquity for its moisturizing properties. The gel contained in the pulp of aloe vera leaves is the part of the plant richest in nutrients, as evidenced by the presence of vitamins (A, E ...), minerals (iron, potassium ...) and essential amino acids. The combination of these components gives aloe vera serious benefits in terms of hydration of the epidermis, and healing and regeneration of the layers of the epidermis. This plant is recognized for its soothing and softening virtues.

Jojoba and apricot kernel oils are ideal for smoothing the skin and giving you a lovely complexion.

How to use my face elixir?

The important thing is to always apply your care to clean skin. I recommend a gentle cleansing with Bi-phase Cleanser or Liniment. Once your skin is cleansed, shake vigorously until the two parts of the cleanser become a homogenous mixture. Then, apply the face elixir, if necessary, all over the face and neck.

MY TIP: Think about massages !!! This will influence the elimination of toxins, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation. Take the time to massage your face when applying your skincare, with light movements up and down and from the inside to the outside of the face.

Face Care Application

How often should I use my face elixir? How much should I use?

These are difficult questions because your skin is unique. Granted, our skins are biologically the same, but our environment, mood, sleep, and lifestyle make each of us have unique skin with unique needs.

And its needs change ... depending on the season, your menstrual cycle, etc! A hydrating serum can be used as a cure (to changes of season for example) or on a regular basis. It is often applied before the day and / or night skincare. But, personally, to take care of my sensitive skin with an oily tendency, I use my personalized face elixir, if necessary, as a night care... So choose your care according to your skin feeling and your preferences.

This is why my answer is to experiment with different amounts and frequencies to find the one that works best for you at the moment.

Feel your skin and adapt to its needs!

MY TIP: Take advantage of the elixir that remains on your hands to nourish and hydrate your hair tips, as this galenic is also good for hair!


I designed this formula to benefit all ages and all skin types.

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