Facial Toner Mist - A refreshing lotion

Facial Toner Mist - 4oz / 113g

Are you looking for a natural toner for your face care? Look no further, you will love my Facial Toner Mist.

What is my facial toner mist?

This aroma-cosmetic face care is a mix of hydrosols (also known as herbal waters), so it is suitable for vegans.

A toner - also known as a "lotion"-  is applied to the skin to help treat or maintain in particular the epidermis of irritated or shaved areas. It is a quick, absorbing liquid that helps to remove excess dirt, traces of oil and makeup and balance the pH of your skin.

I chose, as ingredients, blood orange hydrosol because it is suitable for all skin types, calendula and ylang ylang hydrosols because they are beneficial for sensitive and mature skin.

Its zesty formula will boost your morning and sweeten your day.

Its main mission is to perfect the make-up removal or cleansing and to tighten the pores of the skin. But you can also use it to help reduce dryness, make it a great makeup spray or all-day skin freshener.

How to use my facial toner mist?

You should use toner after using your facial cleanser or liniment and before using your elixir or moisturizer. Mist on face, neck as needed and also put a few sprays in a washable cotton pad. Then gently press the cotton against your skin and don't forget your eyes.

MY TIP: Is your hair rebellious and lacking in hydration? Spray this lotion on your hair to preserve it.

Are face mists, toners, floral waters, thermal waters and setting sprays the same?

A fixing spray is makeup rather than skin care and contains film-forming agents (like synthetic polymers) that hold makeup in place.

Thermal water is a type of facial mist that is purely water - spring water.

Floral water or hydrosol is the condensation water from the distillation of a plant, generally during the production of an essential oil.

A toner is intended for use after washing your face, to remove all traces of cleanser and to prepare your skin for moisturizer.

A mist, on the other hand, can linger at any time of the day and is generally more nourishing. That said, hydrating toners are becoming more and more popular and are said to be similar to hydrating mists.

MY TIP: Choose your Toner Mist so that it can serve you for all these uses and be as natural as possible. You will thus take care of yourself and your environment.


I designed this formula to be versatile, to benefit all ages and all skin types.
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